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The Magical World of Weddings

So as far as tenure goes, I am pretty new to the bridal scene. I have been making bespoke dresses for clients for over 7 years now but in the last year I have ventured into the wonderful world of weddings and I must admit, it can all get rather overwhelming.

Being a dress designer gives me a unique insight into the mind of a bride; what she may want and how far she is willing to go to get it. Overall, I think its quite fair to say that everyone is different, at least as far as ideas, visions and budgets go. But one thing that all brides have in common is a desire for pristine execution. You know that expectation to reality gap…?

Ignoring the fact that I am a vendor myself, I have fortunately come across many suppliers in the industry, including but not limited to; venues, florists, jewellers, wedding planners (and the list goes on) … that I feel well equipped to advise you on what the current trends are, who to speak to, where to go and where you might not want to go depending on what you are hoping to achieve. Speaking to brides regularly also gives me insight on what you should be thinking about months, weeks and probably hours before your big day.

I also hope to give you better insight into the technical world of dress making at some point, with some behind the scenes shots of my process. We will be updating this blog weekly on our findings, tips and tricks but in the meantime I will leave you with some inspirational boards to wet your appetite.

Stay tuned!

Jacqui x